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Monday, March 3, 2008

Walking down to the memory lane

L I F E can be interpreted in various ways .... but happiness is still up to willingness( redha) to accept the destiny ...either it's really good or really bad.

Last weekend we went down to KL on some small business reason... more on family matters. Sam, Deen's younger brother is having a training in Kelana Jaya . Since the last time we met him is almost a year ago we decided to meet him up here, and visit my litle brother , Wae who's now on his preparation course at INTEC college Shah Alam before pursue his study in US.

So last night, the 7 of us (including my 3 girls ) went out for a dinner at Taman Tasik Shah Alam, at the Floating restaurant : Restoran Tasik Indah, which was not there the last time i went to the place 13 years ago.The food ..hmmm... so so...quite ok..boleh la...and the price quite fair...we spent about 100++ for the 7 of us.The view? only water in the darkness.... hahaha...

Walking back here after so many years never fail to bring me back in time.I still recognize certain places,especially the one with MPSA building at the background.Hmm.. as i review it hundreds of time and it's just stuck in my mind until now.The ding of memories, cluttered in my heart is like a ding of the loudest bell in the midle of a lonely and restless night.The broken heart, shattered dream and unfullfill wish in a shape of sharp and shiny blade, will always able to cut the fragile heart into pieces.

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