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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Illusion of the heart

I'm writing this entrance using Deen's new DOPOD 838 PRO. Looks cool but i'm still exploring.Look's like this PDA is going to be fully utilised by it's co-owner...hahaha.

Last weekend i went back to my hometown for election.The first time since the past 9 years i went back without my other half or the kids.

the day after the election.It's just about 7.00 am,and it's very cold in the morning at my kampung.Yupp... you're rite.... x mandi lagi masa ni.... hahaha

Photo's taken at my hometown...Chabang Empat, where i grew up.Next to me is Chabang Empat market, where when i was small dad ran a small business there , a sundry shop. I used to lepak there after school, while waiting for dad to close his shop and went back together.

Help!!!!... Mak long's room has been invaded by bottle sucking creatures from Mars...Murni Maisarah (w/o shirt) and Maya Munirah , my nieces. And below is their brother , Mirza Mustakim

picture taken infront of istana Bukit Tanah, just behind my old school.want to know more about the castle click here

My youngest sister , Rosmy Nurhamny , better known as adik has become my best buddy now...:) the youngest and the eldest.Some people could mistakenly thought she's my daughter as our age gap is 18 years...if I married at 17 , then my child will be her age, infact there're few of her classmate are actually my old friends kid.

Illusion of the heart.

What is illusion? when i google out the definition of illusion , the results are:

~An illusion is a distortion of a sensory perception, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. While illusions distort reality, they are generally shared by most people

Hmm... too scientific to understand unless you're a psychiatric.

How about this one:
~Illusion is An erroneous perception of reality
sounds better and easier to digest, rite?...

What is the different between love and illusion of the heart? Sometimes heart can lies...mistakenly create a false impression, measuring an illusion for love.Is the love is too strong or you just manipulating your heart and create an illusion out of the mist of confusion? If love is so strong then it should never fail to cross the barrier and defy the obstacles.If it fails... perhaps it's just an illusion of your heart.

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