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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Love in a pomelo

I saw pomelo(limau bali/limau tambun), botanical name : citrus grandis/Citrus maxima Merr, this morning at the wet market.It reminds me back of the old memories when i was still studying.My husband studied in USM kampus cawangan Perak, which last time located at Tronoh, about 35 KM from ipoh.Since limau bali was first brought to Malaysia by sir hugh low in late 1800 and was first planted in Perak, you can find limau bali almost anywhere in Ipoh.He used to visit me in Penang on bi-weekly basis... hahaha...as his rotu training also on bi-weekly basis.Week without training was penang week.the routine then change to weekly on our final year as there's no more ROTU training for him.I cannot really remember , but he said i told him pomelo was one of my favorite fruit, well i still do now...so he bought it, everytime he visited me.Then, I became pomelo supplier for my friends... they would know that my room will never run out of pomelo. I still remember one day, i said to deen..alamak...limau lagi... yang dua minggu lepas pun ada lagi kering kat bilik aku... hahaha, but he still bring it until we both finish study in 1998.

One thing i really salute my husband is he is a man of action. He's the one to show me practically that action speaks louder than word.We save our saliva and dont have to convince other people with words when action execute the task better.He made me laugh during the most difficult time in my life.He lift my spirit up when i lied down flat and lifeless.He woke me up when i just hope that i can sleep and never wake up forever.

Me and my husband, we begin as a close friend for more than a year,dating for 2 years before shield it with the marriage in early 1999.I still remember how happy and excited he was when i agree to be his girlfriend. He said to me, the longest to be away from you should not be more than 2 weeks.I said : dont joke around, how can you say that when you are hundred of KMs away. But he did that, without fail, rain or shine for almost 2 years, leaving him broke, penniless and bankrupt every end of the semester...eventhough his scholarship had a slightly bigger amount than the rest of us and ROTU training also gave him quite a handsome figure....Well, however , i guess it's a well worth and well paid sacrifice...:). still remember, all those years , when he force me to say that i will love him forever.I always refused to say that..and the conversation always ended up with quarel, sometime for a few days.Then one day he ask me.. why i dont want to say that.."Because it's bullshit!..." i replied bluntly...He looked at me in disbelief.

"How can you say forever when you are not certain about what will happen next? not even tomorrow or a minute after i say this...?" i continued.

But now i realize that when we say forever ,it is not because we are so certain about what is going to happen, but it's more on what you hope to happen. It's all about hope and wish.Deen, if you ask now, without doubt i will say , I loved you then, I love you now and i will love you forever...

DEAREST HUBBY: Thanks for all the pomelos,and all love, care and tenderness embeded in it. But most of all thanks for loving me the way i am...I will always love you till end of time.

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