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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Even the silence is comfortable

somewhere along the quest for hapiness we tend to forget and defy the original purpose of life.the path deviated and we start to lose control of our direction. What is the purpose of living? and life? Do we still remember that We're here to serve our creator.Life is a transition and nothing last forever.

Apa aku membebel nih?...Anyway..rasa nak menulis tapi tak tahu nak tulis apa... problem jugak ni...i'm still not sleepy...the kids and their baba already sound asleep.

It's just feel like yesterday when i just met deen...Yet 12 years has passed since then.My cubicle mate once said, when you feel life is short, it means that you are really happy and enjoy your life. Hmmm... it could be true.I've read a quote in a hallmark card years ago, more or less it goes like this (its actually a poem but i prose it la... cannot really remember). It says that you know that you are really compatible with someone when even the silence is comfortable.I could not agree more... hehehe... i still remember i have one friend, quite close , but not really a best friend.Few things make us close like, room close to each other, we took same classes, same ko-k.. emmm.. things like that.But true enough whenever i was around her i feel that i need to talk, even bullshit, to sooth the air, just to make us comfortable. and yeppp... our friendship did not last long...and of course now we have lost contact for years...hahaha...friendship with her was something that i really cannot treasure...it's kind of s*ck and sickening...oooppssss...:-)

aYoYo my blog entry today is really a trash le... I want to write something that signify yesterdays date... 14/7 ..as 14/7/96 was nthe first time me and deen went out together... but really got a mental block la today....and 17/7/99 is our bersanding day...looks like july is a good month for me...eh..wait ... except for one thing, my last date with my ex-bf was also in july 1995...(FYI i just have i ex-bf before my husband...budak baik le aku ni) .

but i guess i cannot write anything nice laaa... hmmm...really stuck le.. my brain jam le tonite.May be lack of DHA...hahaha...

Nevermind lah... since i really2 cannot write something poetic or romantic to my hubby i just want to let him know that I LOVE HIM SO MUCH...Now , then and forever.Thank you so much for believing and make me believe that i'm special in my own way.

To Deen,
With u even the silence is comfortable.

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