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Sunday, July 20, 2008

In the Pink of Health

Korang mesti heran pesal aku rajin sgt tulis blog sekarang. tengah siapkan presentation package ni.. tapi malas le... membebel bagus jugak. kerja/study cam korang ok le.. lepak sket ...tapi aku pun lepak jugak sebenarnya hehehe...

Today after lunch, i just walk passed by the promotion area. There was a cosmetic lady selling myriad of cosmetic there, you name it... so i just dropped by for a look.Then, suddendly the cosmetic lady asked me..."Pakai lipstik ke tak sekarang ni?" " No ...why?" i replied (hehehe...last time deen always complain cause my answer always ended with why...) "nampak natural tapi tanya ni sebab warna bibir nampak sama pink ngan tudung.." It reminds me of the English idiom, In the pink of health. May be i looked healthy today, eventhough i didn't really feel it, thats why my lips look as pink as my tudung.Hmmm... now i know where the idiom comes from. When you are healthy , your face will glow and radiant.Unlike when you're sick you look so pale and dull.Tapi betul ke aku healty sebab aku rasa ngantuk dan tidak bermaya giler sekarang ni...?

Huh apa aku membebel nih... i better stop here and try to finish the presentation and get some sleep to stay in the pink of health for the rest of my life... see yaa...till next time , have fun and bye

P/s: did u guys know that this blog is shared by 5 special people in my life. If you get the updates of my blog, it means that you are one of them..

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