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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Serenity of the soul

this morning when i sent Alani to her school, i stumbled with a limp girl, infact badly limp, it's so obvious, i can see her one leg is obviously shorter than another.She's walking to the table and have a quiet breakfast alone.Suddenly i felt a pinch in my heart. Life must be very hard for her, especially in primary school, Where kids at that age normally hard to understand. Even a small defect can put you to be the center of humiliation.I hope she will be strong.Environment and people around us act like a mould , carve us into any shape we prefer to be.Making us who we are.Eventhough many things are beyond our control, when we are matured enough , we found that life is actually in our control. Certain things that we cannot control, leave it to the GOD.

How do you measure a good life? Is it a good brand new car? big house, good kids? can get anything you want, yet the money is never running out? I think we all agree that all of that are not the measurement for a perfect life. The serenity of the soul is still the ultimate achievement in life.

hahaha...since yesterday in my blog entrance : living life to the fullest, i keep on talking about this philosophy of life. I must be crazy or something....:-P well, but i choose to gimme a break since today is flyday...have fun...

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  1. After being somebody to nobody, sitting alone at home, less friends and less money.. good life for me at this moment is i have so much time to do prayers. I think i have wasted 32 years for not really beribadat to Allah. I think 'wasted' is not a good word..may be 'regret'.