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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Up and Down

Hi guys... it's me again.last night i have a conversation with Alani, and somehow i feel a litle bit down after that.Remember when i once wrote "The distance between hapiness and torment is just a blink of the eye". In some cases it's true. Whether we are ready or not, we have to face it, once a tragedy struck.

The way alani's class seating arrangement it by exam result. So for this year because in standard 1 she got no 2 in the class, she sit together with those who get no 1 and no 3, Joshua and Ruelle Rajah (hope the spelling is correct), sandwiches between 2 of them. The 3 of them become close. Ruelle is a cute handsome little boy.According to alani, is a result of mix-parental, mum is english and dad is indian.Last nite she said,

" mama, Ruelle cannot come to school anymore, cikgu cakap darah putih dia banyak, kena duk kat hospital 2 tahun".

Hmmm...it's leukimia...Alani said it has been a month since he was admitted to hospital. Then she said,
"Mama, Ruelle tak boleh jalan lagi, somebody need to lift him if he wants to move" I feel down...i think most parent will. I just cannot imagine how his parent feel at that time.It reminds me of a dear friend, Asmah, who passed away due to leukimia when we was in standard 3.

This morning Alani asked me what is leukimia..and i explain to her properly.She asked me, why Ruelle's body release the white blood wrongly, why his white blood attacked his red blod... huh...have to explain to he in detail using the police and crook concept...hahaha... but i think she understand it. But i said to her...it's ok ...many people will recover from the disease...you dont worry so much. But she said...does it mean some people will die? I said, now the doctor is very clever... they know how to fix it.

To those to know and love Ruelle, if you, by any chance read this blog, our pray will always be with you and we hope that Ruelle will get well very soon, so the place next to Alani will not be empty for long. She already missed him.

Hmmm..this life...prepared or unprepared ...we have to face it...it's good if you can turn the torment into blessing...but is that so easy?

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