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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bad apple or Late bloomer

My 2nd daughter always bring back home complaints and comments from her school teachers about tak buat homework, cannot concentrate in class... dunwan to give attention and bla..bla.. bla..( well actually they always passed the message thru my eldest) it worries me... no matter how many times it happened.A few opportunity to talk with the school teachers sometimes nearly lead me to a cry (just nearly..hehe hehe). i keep on asking why...why she is so different from her sister. why she cant be like her sister. yaaaaa... i know its not good to compare... but we live in a world of comparison...we compare everything... to survive.while her sister is excellent in academic (wanna show off...she got first place in her school last exam..:) ) and good in co-curriculum and sports too, the 2nd one is totally the opposite. She was moved to 2nd ranking class after she dont want to coperate in the Linus test and submit the test paper blank...uwaaaa.....

The most important thing, i blame my self for that. I dont have enough time to supervise her homework, even when i do i cannot do it fullheartedly as so many thing waiting to be done or if not i'm so tired and worn out of my wholeday paid job. When i checked the exercise book i dont know what the teacher try to ask her to do as she always copy it halfway. I even said once to her teacher, please... you can beat her if she refuse to do what she's supposed to do but the teacher said, no we cannot do that, even you allow it, other parents will make an issue out of it. The worse thing , they even can sue us for beating the kids... uh..like that aaah...?

I always wanna see her as late bloomer rather than bad apple. I can see she's not that type the teacher always describe. At home she's a chatter box , but in school she dun want to talk to the teachers.As i can see she can read, she can write but she wants perfection in things that she did. So if its happens that the letter A that she wrote was senget (uneven) she will erase it and write it again. That makes her unable to finish whatever asked by the teacher. Well, bz mummy wants to write more but its close to 6 am now and i need to prepare for the kids school and work. Need to be more alert today Since yesterday i forgot to bring my laptop to office cos i was too busy holding the kids school bags....theeee heheheheh...

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