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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

posting using samsung omnia pro B7330

This is my first blog post using this smartphone.And No..nobody pay me for this entrance incase you guys are curious....:-).. (i wish samsung can pay me for this) This is My third smartphone in a year. It's not that i'm a techie or always keep myself up-to-date with the current technology, but because of a husband that wants his wife to catch up with latest technology. For me as long as my phone can receive and make a call, sms, ocassionally link to internet that will be ok and enough.But i think coz my hubby always want to give something that i always use, he always give handphone( little that he knows that what i always wants is ***bling***bling***bling***)

So for our 10 anniversary last year he gave me the Motorola moto Q9h smart phone, eventhough i said i dont favour it the phone has been so useful for me and i kinda like it.Then after a year he decided to bought me Blackberry Bold 9700 , yeah.. the phone is cool, everytime we use it in public many people will stare at it and some even said..owwww...blackberyyy... ( i hope i dont get struck by lighting by saying this...:-)). but changing phone is like changing boyfren, when you are excited with new one, you will sure miss the old one ...heehehe(syyyhhh!!!). So i keep nagging about the new phone, and plus if you use blackberry you need to change to Blackberry data plan. The normal data plan that we subscribe only allow us to browse the webpage but cannot do any email downloading or data downloading. I hate to change plan.. and a loyal person...that's why i'm still using my old plan and old provider that i've used for more than 5 years... just top up here and there to the plan only. For 2 weeks i used that blackberry without downloading my emails to the phone. My mind is kind of blocked for 2 weeks... i felt like i was leaving in a cave or something like that. When i call my service provider about changing my current data plan to blackberry data plan , they said i've to pay extra rm38 / month for blackberry license... nonsense.

I guess my husband was pissed off with me nagging about the phone every day... i even said no wonder many celebrities using blackberry coz it suit them( sorry ...:-)), good look, expensive but very restictive and not much function.The only thing that i like most was the mouse-like pad function to navigate thru the page.... but who cares about mouse when your life become so restrictive?

My nag must be a horror and nightmare to hubby that's why he bought me this samsung omnia pro . Honestly this one, is nothing more and less glamour compare to blackberry bold but it suit me..and we still have that blackberry listed at lelong unsold... huhuhu...

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