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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Welcome to the 32rd weeks

This coming week is the 32nd week of my pregnancy. Since this is the 4th pregnancy nothing is so new about this one.But eventhough this is the 4th one the feeling of scare, ancious , afraid and excited is still there. I hope everything goes well for this one same like the others.

My youngest now keep one asking when the baby will come out and why it took so long for the baby to come... you wait la girl... when the baby comeout you'll sure ask the baby to go back into mama's tummy....hik hik hik.

i've been subscribing to babycenter( http://www.babycenter.com/) since my first pregnancy. in someway it helps me alot to keep track on the progress of my baby and pregnancy stage ( Again...this is not a paid commercial incase you guys are curious ...:-) but well if babycenter wants to pay me... i'll be very grateful... hihihihi).

Last week i have a very major urat (vein) problem that force me to take MC for 1 day and burn the whole weekend suffering. I cannot even change position since every time i move my vein start to feel like it has been pulled and it's so painfull. I never experience this in my last 3 pregnancy... its damn painful mannn... feeling like cannot breath everytime it happened and it happened very frequent.so i went to a midwife for a massage and after 2 session it's better. aside from that i went to see the doctor and he prescribe me with 'vitamin urat' . so actually i dun really know which one is actually made me feel better.

Another 2 months to go and i'm so excited and start to prepare for the arrival of the new baby in our family...after 5 years its kinda of thrill to hold the baby again. Dear people please pray the best for me....

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