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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Aidiladha 1428

20/ 12/07 to 25/12/07

Hmmm at last a week off from work and internet…This year we celebrated aidiladha at my hometown , Chabang Empat Tumpat, Kelantan.The original plan to go back home to deen’s hometown in KK has been call off till …maybe march during the school holiday… no final decision yet.

'Berkubang' session at Pantai Sri Tujuh. The Kids sure loved it....:) But after the session , Ain vomitted badly, most probably because she tertelan air yang kotor tu.But the doctor said if that's the cause she should have diarrhea too, which she did not.Luckily she recovered after a day.I was scolded by Deen for letting the kids play in the muddy and dirty water during his absence...haha..2 hari je tu...kalau lama lagi mahu berkurap semua anak2 aku ni.Excitement like this cannot be understand by my hubby who spent his whole life as a town boy.Orang bandar ni mana paham betapa syoknya benda2 cam ni...asyik mandi dalam swimming pool je mana ada thrill...Kecik2 dulu aku siap mandi dalam parit lagi...

This year i lost one dear auntie. She passed away at the age of 82 on 24/12/07, after Maghrib prayer. Al-Fatihah to her, May her soul rest in peace.

This is my bestfriend, Wan Azura, since the schooldays.We have been closed since form 1 in 1987. A chance to meet her and her family will be cherished forever. I still can remember the good times together, where we used to spend holidays dan weekends together during our university days. Sometimes, i went to UUM over the weekend, which always started on friday.... :) always ponteng friday class....hahaha.., and used to go to her account class.There was one time when the lecturer ask me and i just nganga...sib baik dia tak cam aku ni bukan student dia..apa taknya, kat dalam lecturer hall tu duduk depan sekali...then there was a time when she came to penang to meet me but she met with an accident. Ju... really sorry for that...Nasib baik calar je... kalau tidak nyesal tak sudah...kena langgar bas kilang lagi tu...ni kes nak mengejar aku yang memecut ngan motor kapcai aku tu le...We kept the secret to ourselves till now....sampai tuan motor yang dia pinjam pun tak tau motor dia kena accident hehehe...kami suh drebar bas tu repair motor tu sampai x de kesan...your mum know about it or not? :) ...

I was there to witness her first puppy love with an upper six student when we were in Form 1...so early...:). We were very much different, infact totally different. She was so friendly and easygoing while i'm a bit quiet and low profile.She , had long list of boyfriends during the school days while i never have any.Somehow above all the difference , we become closer each day.May be because i could talk as mush as she could....

Unfortunately hubby forgot to bring his sony handycam, so the picture was taken using my lousy razr v3x, which under low light could be worse than any other hp camera, eventhough it is 2.0 mpx.This is the best i can get out of the picture , hehe... i'm not good in using adobe photoshop and adobe image ready, so what i did was just put some auto contrast and lighting.Well... at least it's better than worse

A Short Interlude

A month ago, one thing triggers all those memories from the pass years. A short interlude, if i fail to tackle it delicately, would probably ruin my whole life time. No matter how old you are or how long you have been living in this world, it’s not easy if you have to handle untamed heart. A part of you know that you should really let go, while a part of you still cling to the memories, reluctant to just leave everything as a history. The fact is, the distance between happiness and torment is just a blink of the eye.

If hatred will erase all good memories of the past and forgiveness will make my heart fond of the good old times and drift my life into vain, then I will choose hatred rather than forgiveness.

Somehow this intermission in some way brings goodness to my life.It reminds me of how lucky i'm to have such a happy family, a great husband an a blessed kids. I should be grateful.Alhamdulillah.

It's about time to really let go...completely.

Finding Zest

My work life has been very dull lately. No more excitement and enthusiasm. Just routine. On the way back from Penang to Kelantan, I’ve vowed to Deen that I’m going to find the zest in my work during the break. Am I success? Don’t know yet. Wait until tomorrow. Being a senior Engineer not only meant that I’m senior in term of experience, but senior in term of energy level too. My energy level has been alarmingly low lately. I started to see my job as a burden. Where gone all those days when I can’t wait to finish my weekend just because I’m too excited to finish what I left on Friday. Where were all those years when I was voted the top performer, best contributor?

Huarggghhhh…!!!! Sometime I feel I’m not supposed to be an engineer anymore. I’m too old to compete. Even too lazy to think. Aku rasa macam ultraman masa lampu isyarat dia dah bertukar menjadi merah.Kalau ultraman boleh balik ke matahari untuk recharge power dia, mana la aku nak pegi untuk recharge energy aku nih....nak pegi matahari pun jauh sangat...kang cair pulak nanti..

Hapiness is what is good today for tomorrow to remember? Will write about it some other time…

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  1. Maksu nampak ain minum air masa berenang tu.patut le muntah