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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mama's Bonus Treat

This year we have it at Damiral Grills for the first time.Normally we will turn to Victoria Station for a good steak... but since there're so many rumours about that restaurant nowaday, may be it's about time try something new...Restaurant ni org melayu punya...The price a lot more cheaper than VS.Eventhough the steak was not so tender (u have to cut it into small pieces before u can swallow it... haha), the sauce was not bad.Dinner for 4 just cost 94.42 (plus capuccino and tiramisu cake and ice cream for the girls).....less than half of the price if we have it at VS. Try to snap some picture but since my RAZR V3X performed poorly in the low light, this was only what we got.

Just now, before dinner i have a conversation with one old friend.It somehow bring me back to my old days, when my mind was in between. A part of me was eager to know what future would be while another part of me was still linger to the memories left behind.Lucky that i know, eventhough to lose someone was really hard, it's even harder if you refuse to let go.However some people just cannot let go...sebab tu ada antara kengkawan aku yang masih single hingga kini.For me ... no matter how painful the memories could be ... time would always heal the pain... and dry the rain...just give ourselves a second chance...It probably never be better, but at least just ...give a try...accept the destiny with your purest heart, hoping the happiness will be yours...life is just too short and we have to spend it wisely..

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