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Monday, December 3, 2007

An evening in Taiping

Bukit larut scenic view

Last sunday we spent a day in Taiping. The original plan should be bring the girls to bukit merah water park but since cha was not so well, we changed it to Taiping Zoo.After all the kids would like it no matter how many time we went there.There was an unfullfill dream that i always keep everytime we went to Taiping, i want to go uphill to maxwell hill. so today, deen try to make it come true.Ha..ha.. there's one when time i cried (and deen always make joke out of that...:) ,just because the ticket was finished before we could buy it.

waiting for the jeep uphill.Everybody still excited...

The journey uphill was quite 'wavy', it took about 15 minutes , but felt like an hour...Tapi bila sampai kat atas...alamak.... tak de apa-apa la...even bunga tulip pun tak de sekarang. nak pegi tempat bunga tulip tu bukannya dekat...10 minutes walking uphill.Frust betul la... tu la...sometime what we expect is not what we get. Dah pukul 4 baru turun,semayang then masuk zoo for an hour je sebab pukul 6 dah tutup.

Alani waiting for the jeep downhill...sleepy eh?

Have you ever feel so emotionally loaded until any simple stupid thing can burst you out into tears? I did yesterday.Not sure why , but the journey like this always remind me to all those tormenting years. Where i used to take a bus ride , to anywhere i feel like going just because i was stressed.Taiping was among the places i used to go.Just think about how 'merananya' aku masa tu masih boleh menyebabkan aku menangis bila-bila masa.No matter how long the history has passed, i am still the same old me.

So yesterday bila sirap yang aku order tanpa ais datang bersama ais, i just burst out into tears.Stupid enough? Deen try even scoop out the ice into the glass to make me happy.But actually i'm not crying over the syrup.Aku cuma rasa hati aku ni macam nak pecah je, air mata rasa ada kat tepi mata. bila-bila je boleh terburai. I hate to be me... i hate that i'm still the same old me...

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  1. i think i know what's in yr heart. u told me once.hehe..whatever it is.. keep moving..