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Friday, December 7, 2007

Another countdown

My yummy yummy tiramisu cake...It's quite hard to find a halal tiramisu cake as most of the time the ladyfinger is dipped in rum.Be careful when you select one...

"Minggu depan bday nor .." Said Deen a few days ago.So another countdown started.Before i met him birthday was nothing.Just known by a few close friends, a quiet eat out, normally a treat from friends.Sometime i even forgot my birthday. He, taught me that bday must be celebrated with cake (and candle).And if the birthday not fall on weekend , both of us have to take leave...just for the two-of-us date without the kids, normally for a movie. but dunno whether this year i can take leav e or not since my leave dah abis...nak simpan untuk raya haji lagi nih...rasanya x boleh ambik cuti kot.

what goes up never come down.A famous ridle that always cross my mind every year when the bday is approaching.Tahun ni dah 33.I'm old now...a secondary school student can call me makcik now.if i married at 15 or 14, and my daughter married at 18, most probably i will have grandchild already... hahaha...Tahun ni juga maknanya dah nak masuk 12 kali aku sambut bday dengan deen, since dec 1996.3 kali sebelum kawin dan 9 kali selepas kawin.

me in my work uniform at the age of 32....

Birthday , eventhough hardly celebrated before i met deen, always bring me certain memories back.Whether it's just a coincidence, something big normally happened a few days before or after the birthday.Dulu ada sorang kawan aku pun selalu kata macam tu, selalunya sebelum atau selepas bday mesti ada sesuatu jadi kat kita, something big to remember (It happened at that time , that i rejected him 6 days after his 20th bday...an old childhood story....hehe...where are you now? may hapiness always be with you).

15/12/1989 was actually 4 days after my 15th birthday.Its the most memorable date ever. The date that i always remember, no matter how many times i tried to erase it from my mind.It's just stay there, fresh and untouchable.It's the date when i laid my eyes on someone, which after that change my path of life forever.18 years had passed since then.Now we are a grown up.adult, with our own life.But the memories of all good years and togetherness will stick forever.May his life will be blessed forever and may hapiness will always be his.

I just wish i can be a good muslimah, mum, wife, daughter,daugther in law and human for my coming 33rd birthday.

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