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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ain Syazwani

Mama!!!...I'm big now.... Ain Syazwani 2 yrs 8 months

baby Syazwani

waei' as cha call her was born on 20-4-2005. When the delivery date approached, i really hope that her birthday would fall on the same day as maulidurrasul.Yet she was so anxious and arrived one day earlier on 11 Rabi'ulawal.The delivery pain was so short.I woke up at 5 am because of the frequent contraction.Sebab dah nak masuk subuh, me and Deen perform our subuh prayer first b4 send the kids to nursery.At about 6.15 we headed to the hospital.At time the pain was so unbearable.It's hard for deen to drive with me keep on pulling his hand as i really cannot stand the pain.Sampai kat hospital terus masuk labour room.My doctor came in short and spaggetti strap top...:). The problem was dont have energy to push.May be age was the factor, i was 30 yrs 5 mnths at that time. Deen keep on saying that this should be the same as the 2 previous one but i really know it's different. I keep on saying "It's different...it's different" to the doctor. When the doctor try to touch my stomach i event shouted at her. "Doctor...dont you ever touch my tummy ..." ( haha... i dont know that i cant still shouted in English eventhough that time macam dah tak berapa sedar dah...).So i have to be induced.....When the doctor hold the baby to me...she said... you know why it's different? it's 3.8 kg.With the pelvic like yours, your'e lucky it's the third baby.It not sure kena caesarean "

The name,Syazwani was my husband's choice....Honestly, i'm not that fond of this name...macam tak pernah terfikir ada anak nama syazwani, but since Deen like it, it does'nt really matter to me...It should only be Dayang Nur Syazwani.But I persuade deen to slot Ain in between as i really like syafiqa's name to be dayang nur ain syafiqa, i just dont want deen to be down , by altering the name he really like.Jadi nama baby yang garang ini ialah dayang nur Ain Syazwani bt Datu Mohd Rithauddeen.

Syazwani with her babysitter , Mama Ani and her family on her 1st birthday.

Syazwani berjalan exactly on her 1st bday. A bit later than kakak (10 months) and earlier than cha(14 months)

syazwani and baba when she was 1 yr plus.

She had a very severe constipation problem...haha... that's explain why muka dia garang sangat masa ni. Dia makan banyak sangat tapi tak besar-besar.Masa dalam perut je besar lepas tu kecut kat luar.

Ain and mama at Planetarium negara... tengok muka dia yang ketakutan , takut kena makan dengan dinasour. Among my kids, cuma dia saja yang besar dengan babysitter. Yang lain dari kecik lagi berdikari kat nurseri, dan belajar speaking dari kecik lagi.Dia ni tak reti cakap english, maklumlah tak pegi sekolah....:) so bila kami semua speaking dia akan berkata dalam loghat penang yang kiut sangat.... "Haaaahhhhh...apadiaaaa....?" bila suruh dia nyanyi lagu dia akan menyanyi " lagu..lagu...lagu...laguuuuuuu". kiut giler...(ye la aku kan mak dia ...mesti rasa kiut nyer...padahal kalau hangpa tengok biasa je...). sekarang ni umur dia 2 tahun 7 bulan. Next year dah masuk 3 tahun, maybe kena hantar dia pegi sekolah kot

Eh...where's syazwani?...mama, alani, cha and 8 months syazwani in mama's belly.

Burried alive in Langkawi 2006

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