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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dayang Nur Iman Alani

Selepas setahun lebih, Akhirnya pada 6 mei 2000 lahirlah puteri kami yang Pertama.Picture taken when alani was 2 months.Dengan kepalanya yang berkuping dan tak mau tidur malam, the girl was really a test to my patience as a mum.She was born when i was 25 yrs and 5 months.One fine day, my hubby balik dari kerja just to find out that i was crying sebab she was crying non-stop since morning dan aku dah tatau nak buat apa dah...

The name always drive people crazy.Masa ni aku selalu pegi checkup dia kat government clinic. Nurse-nurse kat sana selalu complain. Dah la nama ayah dia panjang yang pegi bubuh nama dia panjang-panjang buat apa? Diorang sebenarnya mls nak sebut dan tulis.Dayang Nur Iman alani was not the actual name i planned for her.The name which literally means 'Cahaya Ketinggian Iman' was actually the second choice, come to my mind when i was on the labour bed.It was a long labour pain of 18 hrs and i was so exhausted.I keep on whispering to her at that time "Alani keluarlah...mama dah tak larat" The third was proposed by Deen was Dayang Nur Syafiqah, which later taken by my second daughter.The original name i planned for her was Dayang Nurin Miza, which means 'Dua cahaya Yang berseri-seri'. But after a discussion with her maklang (my sister), i changed the name....Nama ni kan macam jodoh pertemuan dan ajal maut juga...ditentukan dari awal sebelum kejadian kita.So it's destined that her name that she will carry forever is Dayang Nur Iman Alani Bt Datu Mohd Rithauddeen (46 chars....:))

this was Alani and her excited baba when she a aged a few days... not even a week yet.

Alani masa kat kubur neneknya ( ibu mertuaku) masa raya tahun 2000

Di zoo Negara 2004

Alani with baba dan mama on her very first trip to Mount kinabalu in 2000. She was 7 months then

Alani tengah excited tengok kek bday dia.This was her 5th bday...sambut kat kampung sebab masa tu tengah pantang kat Syazwani

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