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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Haha... this was me at my maximum weight (57 kg)! the picture was taken in may 2004.What i can say is ...oh my god... i looked so blotted.As syafiqa was still breastfeeding at that time, diet was never became an agenda. I eat anything i feel like eating and here's the result. Picture location Timpohon Gate, the last gate you can reach by car before you have to continue hike on your foot, Kinabalu mountain. Alani , the cute girl next to me was 4 at this time , while Syafiqa wasjust 5 months...(not in the picture). We took 5 days off from our paid job and visit my inlaws then have a round Sabah trip. With Deen's sister Waja we travelled from KK up to tambunan, kelupis, sandakan, semporna,Lahad Datu (My father in law hometown) end up at Tawau. The journey was superb. Best giler espcially banyak benda2 yg unik sepanjang perjalanan.... too tired to story aaa... but it's worth of trying...:)

this was at one of the roadside stop , somewhere near Kundasang.

This photo taken at Pasar ikan masin Semporna , for those ikan masin lovers, this will be the heaven for you.Tapi aku bukan tengah pilih ikan masin tau... ikan masin ada kat background belakang nun...

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