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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Princess Syafiqa

Cha or Syafiqa ...abb for Dayang Nur Syafiqah Bt Datu Mohd Rithauddeen was born on 24 october 2003.Kat kampung aku kat kelantan cha means limbah atau longkang yang busuk yang selalunya menjadi tempat takungan lebihan air dari belakang rumah. So it's normal when we were back home in kelantan people said...."Oh my god, you call your kid cha?!..."(dalam loghat kelantan...:) Even my mum also refused to call her that....so they call her pikah , instead, which sounds even worse to me....

Alani was having a good time with the midwife grandaugther at our balcony.Cha was born when we lived in our apartment near USM( now rented to USM PHD student) before we moved to current terrace house( need more space for the kids to grow...:).

She was born on the Deepavali day in Pulau Pinang...weighted 3.2 kg.Among my kids her delivery was the easiest ...Eventhough the labour pain was not so short about 5 hrs but the delivery process when on smoothly with deen rigth by my side. Masa Alani dulu, dia sampai kat kelantan cuma selepas 2 jam Alani lahir.It's quite crazy...as after the waterback burst at 3 am i asked deen to bring me to nasi kandar restaurant , just to eat my favorite roti sardin.sebab kalau dah bersalin tak boleh nak makan benda-benda tu lagi dah.But i cannot really eat as the pain started to intense.At breakfast, pukul 8 macam tu walaupun breakfast sedap tapi dah tak boleh nak makan. Tapi deen paksa aku makan juga dengan menuang 2 biji telur separuh masak dalam mulut aku.... kah...kah...lawak giler bila ingat , sebab masa dia tuang tu dia cakap...makan, makan nanti takde tenaga nak push...so telan je la walaupun nak muntah...She then, was born 2 hours later.I still remember the doctor said, with so good and encouraging husband next to you, you actually dont need a doctor to deliver...hahha...anyway Abang, thanks for that.

Cha and her grandfather (my father in law) when she was 5. At this age she started to be her father's daughter oledi.If i hold her, dia akan hulur tangan dia untuk capai deen, tak mau kena dukung dengan aku, nak dengan deen je...

Her born , in some ways changed me from the inside too. This was the point where i started to appreciate my husband more... his willingness to take care of me during my confinement, alone , here , touched my heart.Plus it was bulan puasa masa tu. So when he prepare his sahur, he would prepare my breaksfast straight away. We hired a midwife to help with the baby and housechores, but only for about 5 days as she's having a family problem.So left him alone to setle everything until we went back to my hometown after 3 weeks.Friends who visited, expressed their surprise to see he handle everything so well, eventhough he just took 3 days leave.

Alone (with my eldest) at home during confinement gave me ample time to think about anything that i normally ignore before.Sometimes people said it's not good to think too much during the confinement as it can depress your mind... boleh meroyan nanti... hehehe... but with the baby that only woke up to be feed at 9, sleep again till 11, woke up for bath and feed than sleep again till 6, what else i can do? But night was different story la... she normally open her eyes widely until 1.00 then wake up again at 2 , 3 ,4,5....The bad thing was i cannot sleep during the day except for a very short nap.

At this time, i started to block myself from dwell too much to the pass, never ever looked back in tears, just look ahead for a better day...and really...since she was born, i excel (in my own way) in many things.I got promoted,setup my own business, write my own book...etc (only my master degree left stuck until now....hehehe... dont worry, i will pick it up someday....someday...:), to my dearest lecturer if you read this...you sure don't think i'm a slow picker ,rite?).

Abang, still remember the letter that i wrote to you after the confinement? I really meant every single word in the content will all my heart...

After she was born, i just noticed that i have a GREAT husband right by my side to support in everything i do...or will do.

This is syafiqa on one of our many2 trips to Cameron Highland (Wonder why Deen likes the place so much). It could be our 15th? 16th? ...hah....I lost count oledi...but definitely more than 15. We'll be there on 2 min visit every year... 2002 was the worst as i still can recall we have more than 5 trips there...one with father in law then with sister, then brother, then brother in law....not included own on private trips (perhaps two). the picture was taken on 26 Nov 2006. She was 3 at this time...cute?...sure, like mother like daughter la... (alamak boleh kena petir nih...)

this picture was taken in 2004 when syafiqa was just 9 months...

Cha bengang sebab Feri lambat sangat. masa jln2 kat langkawi tahun 2006

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