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Thursday, November 22, 2007

The early years

This picture was captured in late 1997 , during our early years...The event took place in Shangrila Rasa Sayang in Batu Feringgi.This was among one of the first formal (indeed very formal) event I attended. Not familiar with all jargons in millitary protocol i could not help myself from giggling everytime we have to stop eating ( and chewing ...:)) when the music stop. I ended up feel like not eating at all as before i could finish 'operate' the chicken and put it in my mouth the music had stop and the waiter came to collect the 'empty' plate.Plus teh stupid joke that Deen keep on doing throughout the dinner to make me laugh and could not eat almost at all. At the end after the event we headed up for Nasi kandar.I brought along Aida and Aidahani together as two of Deen's friend did not have any partner.It's like a series of unsuccessfull match making... haha...both of you...still single hah?!

A few days after graduation

location: infront of USM museum.Before we return the graduation robe we took a chance to snap a few photos together.We looked so happy eventhough a 'deadly' thing happened on Deen's graduation day...Deen sure remember it clearly. To Abang, I'm so sorry for all those stupidness, stubornness and whatever ness that i did to you during our early years.Thank you for loving me the way i was.Thanks for staying in control to handle all those turbulance, and thanks for keep on staying next to me no matter how many times i asked you to leave....:). you are one in a million and i'm so lucky to have you beside me... and one more thing...sorry jugak sebab Nor abang abang kena kutuk ngan kengkawan sebab ada awek kurang ajar... just because i refused to called your name instead of 'kau' and keep on addressing myself as 'Aku'. Still remember? hahahaha...to kawan-kawan Deen yang pernah mengutuk aku dulu, dah lepas kawin ni aku tak de la kurang ajar cam tu lagi...kena la hormat kan...dah jadi husband.

The handsome guy in purple is mine...:) Picture dated in 1997

Deen and his friend in KCP just a week after our relationship 'officially' started. I know that this picture was taken specially for me...betul tak abang? admit it hahaha...control macho la tu...

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  1. Deen henseme camnie pun Nor sampai hati marah dia.. haha.. sian Deen..