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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

breastfeeding is not easy

i always salute and respect any working mom who could exclusively breastfeed their baby up to 2 years. Being a mom i know that's not easy. we need to be full of determination to reach that level.to give the best to our beloved children we need to really sacrifice.

since i deliver my first child more than 10 years ago, i want to breasfeed her. but at that time there were not much support for breastfeeding working mother.yeah... there were pamplets everywhere but not much support and encouragement.plus the babysitter who dont want to go through the hassle to prepare the breast milk... so i end up breastfeeding her for less than 6 months, a decision that i regret until now.Since the gap between my 2nd and 3rd one was close, i conceived my 3rd baby when my 2nd was 9 months, the breasfeeding for the 2nd one stop there.Having a history of miscarriage its kind of dangerous to continue breastfeed as the ovary contracted more during breastfeeding session.but before conceived,for 3 months, i practiced tandem breastfeeding as at that time i took care of my little niece which is 2 months younger than my 2nd baby coz her mom, which is my younger sis was sick. both of them breastfeed on me.

for the 3rd one i really determined to exclusively breastfeed her. But fate do its job and Allah knows whats better. when the baby was 5 months old I was diagnosed with a fatal illness that need me to go through one year course of a very strong antibiotic daily and prohibit me from continue breasfeed the baby.

so for this fourth one... i really hope i can... i want to go through any obstacle that hinder me from continue, unless it is dangerous for the baby. Allah, please give me strength, Amin

That's why i was really mad last night after came back from my class and found that the maid gave formula milk to my baby while there tons of breastmilk stock in the fridge....grrrrrrr....

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  1. Praise to Allah that i still breastfeed my 4th child up to now and she is now 2.5 years all. praise to Allah for grant me my doa...