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Monday, August 9, 2010

Parenthood start to be complicated

actually i want to talk about my kids, but since now my eldest has become a follower of my blog and she always read my blog...so cannot talk about her here anymore looo....:-)

i notice that recently parenthood has become a lil bit complicated. when kids are small, what you need to do is just to fullfill their basic need. But reaching teenage years there are so many things to think about.hmmm... hard to write in general...but cannot go in specific...:P
my daughter always nagging me to open her facebook account ibut i dont allow ( not yet) so last night i create a blog for her to write everyday. Somehow i feel blogging is better than having a facebook account. Here's her blog: http://iman-alani.blogspot.com . she said uncles and unties, feel free to comment.

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