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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My spectra 3 breastfeeding pump

After struggling for more than 2 months using the pureen battery operated pump lastly i purchase this spectra 3 electric pump which is soooo covenient and comfortable.After search around for a good and worth to buy price lastly i bought the pump from http://www.enjoybreastfeed.com/ at rm338.They have the merdeka sale and give discount , original price is rm458. it's really worth buying coz they even give the extra shield for double pumping. i order it on sunday and get the unit on tuesday morning which very fast considering the fact that the shop is in KL while i am in penang. I tried to search around in penang, baby paradise in greenlane sell the unit at rm360 and charge the extra shield for another rm 50 which will end up i have to pay rm410.

i can say this is the best pump i've ever used . last time for the last 3 babies i used avent pump, which was good and convenient to but quite slow compare to this one. after my third child i gave the unit away to my sister who used it for only a month and misplaced it. that's why have to buy the new one lar....:-(

so today after using it for 4 days i really satisfied with it performance and the production output also increase..hehehe...
here's the spec on this pump copied from enjoybreastfeed website, to buy, you can go directly to this link:http://www.enjoybreastfeed.com/product_info.php/spectra-electric-breast-pump-extra-breastshield-set-p-737 .


Spectra 3 breast pump is lighter compared to Spectra 2 breast pump for the ease of traveling. Spectra 3 breast pump's lightweight feature make it easy to carry with the specially designed travel bag together with the cooler bag that allows mother to accommodate breast pump, accessories and milk in only one bag. Spectra 3 breast pump is also providing quiet operation compared to other electric breast pumps thus Spectra 3 is minimizing the disturbance to mother who wish to express breast milk in office or while traveling.

Spectra 3 breast pump is having high suction power which result in shorter period of expressing breast milk and helps to draw out inverted nipples which is the common problem encountered by mothers. However, Spectra 3 breast pump is having lower suction power and suction cycle compared to Spectra 2 or Spectra 7 breast pump as its machine is designed smaller for the travel friendly feature.

Besides, with Spectra 3 breast pump’s automatic suck-and-release rhythm that simulates an infant’s suction rhythm, it leads to more natural expression of breast milk. Milk production can be maximized as spectra 3 breast pump provides adjustable suction power that accommodate to individual’s comfort level.

Furthermore, Spectra 3 breast pump is also convertible to double pumping by adding another breast shield set. Double pumping will help to maintain and enhance milk supply and reduce pumping time.

Finally, conversion kit is included to allow breast pump usage on either standard size or wide neck feeding bottles. With separable accessories (breast shield, tubing), it is easy to wash and sterilize.

This set consists of:

Spectra 3 breast pump
2 Breast Shield Set
1 Feeding Bottle
1 Bottle Cap
1 Teat
1 Bottle Stand

Suction strength(mmHg) 0 ~ 260
Suction cycle (Cycles/minute) Approx.29(50Hz)/35(60Hz)
Dual pumping options Available
Suction settings Adjustable
Power source Ac adapter
Electric 230V/50/60Hz
Weight(kg) Approx. 1.4

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  1. Semoga terus bermotivasi untuk terus breastfeed your baby. hehe.. baru hari ni ada masa nak melawat semua blog. haha... your life sure are interesting ..